App : Yahoo Messenger One ( Beta )

App : Yahoo Messenger One ( Beta )




The beta launch of Yahoo! Messenger One represents a refreshing approach to all your communications needs.  How so?  Simply put, this all-in-one universal address book and communications hub enables you to find, connect and communicate with friends the way you want, whether it’s email,  instant messaging or SMS – it’s your choice!  What’s more, it’s packed with a slew of user benefits including:

  • Mobile registration: You can sign up for a new Yahoo! ID right from within Yahoo! Messenger One app.  No PC/laptop needed. How convenient is that!
  • Unified inbox: Now you have all your email, IM and SMS conversations in one easy-to-use-and-access inbox, you can always keep track of all your conversations, hassle free.
  • Native address book syncing: Simply upload your contacts to Yahoo! so you can access them from one place, anywhere.
  • Message archive and search: With all your conversations stored in the cloud, you will never have to worry about losing your messages or having to delete them ever again.
  • IM and SMS chats: You can still chat with you contacts even if they are not on Yahoo! by using SMS (presently supported for Indonesian and US mobile contacts only).
  • News Content: Lets you always stay up to date with the latest news, and you can share articles with your friends.



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