app: Advanced GPS Tracker v1.5

Advanced GPS Tracker v1.5

Important Note:
This app requires a working GPS receiver (either built-in or external). Some carries lock out GPS compatibility. To check if your phone has a working gps receiver, open Blackberry Maps or Google Maps and try to find your location. If it can pinpoint your location within 5 meters, you have a working GPS receiver. The Curve 8520 does not have a GPS receiver and is not supported.

This app requires Blackberry OS v4.6 or above. To check, go to Options > About and read the 3rd line

Advanced GPS Tracker allows you to turn your GPS-enabled blackberry in to a powerful maping and tracking device!

This app uses your Blackberry’s built-in GPS receiver to give you real time data on your current speed, heading, and location.

You can record multiple tracks which show the total distance traveled, duration, elevation profile, and speed profile. It will even automatically detect if you were on foot, and tell you how much time was spent walking or running!

– Show position in decimal degrees or DMS format
– Beautiful and intuitive user interface
– Works in Metric and Imperial units
– Export to .KML or .CSV
– Excellent customer support

You can even save your tracks to .KML files to open in Google Earth, or .CSV files to read in a spreadsheet program!


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