App : PBTaskManager 3.0.16

App : PBTaskManager 3.0.16


New in 3.0.16: (1) allows you to kill certain “always-running” apps (e.g. BlackBerry Messenger) when you don’t need them (2) view/delete invisible running apps, all apps, all modules (3) fixed reboot issue on OS6

(Licensed version is ad-free)

Dare to be cpmpared; dare to be tried for free!

Cell Phone is like a computer – when memory runs low, it slows down. At any moment, your BlackBerry® phone has some unnecessary memory usage, sometimes a lot. BlackBerry also keeps stalled Java objects in OS, which slows down other processes too. PB TaskManager allows you to clean unnecessary memory (flash and RAM) usage and stalled objects manually or by schedule. Our memory cleaning mechanism is intelligent and friendly, and we constantly improve the cleaning method whenever RIM® offers new programming interface API .

You can also use PB TaskManager to reboot your phone  without pulling out battery  when cleaning memory is not sufficient to free enough memory.

Other functions include: view phone system log,  view memory usage statistics, view running applications and properties.

– keep your phone fast and responsive by reducing resource waste, clean memory manually or by schedule
– allow you to view running programs and properties
– present real-time memory usage statistics
– offer one click access to phone s system log
– reboot/reset phone without pulling out battery

This application address the following issues on your BlackBerry® phone:
– slow response
– phone stuck  hour glass
– reboot phone  reset phone  by pulling battery
– inconvenient access to event log

For Storm/Storm2 users, a StormNavigator function is included  allowing you to move up/down/left/right or select using Volume Up/Down key

PB TaskManager is developed by Ottafone, a proud partner of BlackBerry® maker RIM®. For more details, please visit

Download Here


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